White Supremacists who are running for office


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Alright, I’m going to be super mean and catty, but: would you check out these Mater Race types right here?


Tow Mater?
Actually, that would be an insult to Tow Mater, who was generally kind, although not always bright.


I laughed. Whichever of us gets to hell first saves a seat for the other.


I’ll bring the BBQ, you bring the beer.


The significant thing to me is that they’re mostly running as Republicans. Former fringe-party candidates have now been mainstreamed into the Republican party; this is their home. The Republican party is literally the party of neo-Nazis, now.


The duopoly party of the right doesn’t always want white supremacists and white nationalists there, but there’s no doubt that the GOP’s behaviour since 1968 has created an attractive nest for them to flock towards.

The question for me is, will the Dem opponents of these fascist and Nazi scumbags take off the gloves and call them out for what they are? You’d think the answer would be obvious, but after 2016 I make no assumptions.


The Nazi in Chicago is running unopposed, surely the Dems could find one person to run against him. Just one.


He’s running in the Republican primary unopposed, because he (or even a saner Republican) is sure to lose against a very popular Democrat incumbent. No one else could be bothered to waste their time running.


Unopposed in the Rep. primary. His unopposed Dem opponent in the general election isn’t much of a prize either:

Sounds like this district is borked in all kinds of ways if these two creeps are the candidates that floated to the top of the tank.




The modern Republican party has always been full of white supremacists, but they had to use dogwhistles. What’s changed is even the racists who previously were part of fringe parties (like the American Nazi Party) feel their agenda is fully and openly embraced by the Republican party.

Hillary already explicitly called out the white supremacist/neo-Nazi “deplorables” supporting Trump and we see how that got taken out of context (and the press was happy to go along with the false narrative).


The GOP hasn’t exactly been working overtime to figure out how to make their party less attractive to bigots, that’s for sure.


They’re so regressive they’ve moved backwards from what Lee Atwater advised and what cemented their electoral success for 40 years. It would be fascinating to watch if it wasn’t so disturbing.

Yeah, that’s my concern, that establishment Dems have been cowed by that experience.


The Chicago Sun Times article points out that it takes thousands more signatures to run as an independent than it does for a Republican or a Democrat in Illinois.

Perhaps no one wants to tie their name to the GOP or the Dems.


In that district, certainly no progressive candidate with a sense of human decency.




These days I just assume all Republicans are white supremacists. It saves time.

Plus some other characters to make the serverhappyforsomereason.


Now that the Republicans have lost their small fiscally conservative platform to “Lets cut Social Security and Medicare so we can buy more stuff to kill people and imprison those nasty liberals”, they have completely lost touch with pretty much everyone.


Of course he was voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, who is, in fact, part of the problem.