RNC Cries About Politico Editor Tying Republicans to White Supremacy



Denial, River, Egypt…


They tied themselves to it. Politico is simply observing the knots.


“Slams” always reads to me, at first glance, as some kind of successful forceful rebuttal/accusation (volleyball holdover?). But upon further reading it always seems like the “forceful” part is the only thing implied…It’s a weird headline word that I wish would go away.


Fixed that for you.


Ha. Republicans are now, as much or more than ever, a white identity cult.

Their denial of that fact is actually yet another telling characteristic.


Is the GOP still capable of telling the truth? I can’t say I’ve seen much, if any, evidence of that lately. Lying seems to be a reflex.


So answer me this, Ronna McDaniel, how many white supremacists self identify as Democrats, or even just as “liberals”? And what is it about the Republican party makes white supremacists always side with you guys?


Resistance to change of any kind.


Gee, I wonder how anyone could think the GOP has tied itself to white nationalist rhetoric…


I like your fix! Much more accurate.


They made a room for the white supremacists as soon as they adopted the “Southern Strategy” during the Nixon campaign. They have just moved out of their room into the living room, which ahs caused most folks who are NOT of that ilk to leave in disgust. As time moves on, the WS make up more and more of a smaller and smaller party. This is why the only way for them to win an election is to suppress the vote of those who would oppose them.


Entirely the truth. This is one of the major reasons why Nixon, despite having this very weird record, remains trash.



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