Illinois Nazi wins GOP primary for Congress


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What pisses me off even more is the GOP couldn’t be arsed to even run a sack of hammers against this guy.

You let him run as part of your party. You didn’t have the balls to kick him out and couldn’t care enough to do something. Mr. Schneider I would say that Arthur Jones is quite representative of your party.




Do the political parties have the total freedom to say, someone who wins their primary can’t run under their banner? I’m honestly not sure, I don’t know how this works. The GOP may not actually have had many options, other than running someone against him who wins, which obviously they didn’t.

Honestly though, I kind of see this as a good thing. If it’s a heavily Democratic district in normal times, it’s likely to be REALLY heavily Democratic in '18. So what this does is just shows up the GOP for what they have lowered themselves to.


How will they mark the ballots?

Arthur Jones, Republican Party (Nazi)
TBA, Independent (Republican)
Dan Lipinski, Democratic Party (Inheritor)


Thus splitting the anti-Nazi vote, because it’s unthinkable that an anti-Nazi Republican (if such still exist) would stoop to voting for a Democrat.

Thanks a bunch, Republicans.


I totally would have voted for that!


If he wins, the GOP will forget all about how much they hate this Nazi dickhead.

Fortunately, he won’t win.


That’s what we all said about the current fearless leader too and we all know how that turned out.


The NAZI has options. The NAZI choses the GOP.


Bah, that’s not particularly relevant to a district that just nominated a Democrat who will be running for his 8th term, against a Nazi. National electoral politics do not apply.


No, not in Illinois. They don’t even have any say over who runs in the primaries, except that the petition signatures for ballot access can be challenged. There are electoral boards that rule on those, and it’s where some real nasty machine politics tends to go down. For an established party, you have to get 0.5% of the party members in that district to sign on. That’s the only check on party affiliation. (Unless you make a mistake in the byzantine ballot access process and the electoral board doesn’t like you – then you’re f*cked.)



Easy to win when you’re the only one running.


The GOP doesn’t care if you say a bunch of racist shit that makes you sound like a Nazi - they only care if you actually claim to be one, and then they have to disown you because you make it too obvious to everyone what the party really stands for.

Arthur Jones, declared Nazi, is really no different than Republican Congressman Steve King, undeclared Nazi, except that the party will shun the former but happily tolerate the latter.


True. The difference is though, Illinois, per capita, has significantly fewer mouth breathing idiots than the United States as a whole. After all, there’s no Alabama in Illinois. No Kentucky. And without morons to con with jingoistic bullshit, red candidates (and especially Nazi candidates) are going to have a real bad time going up against their blue counterparts.

Plus, Trump winning was a major blow to all conservative candidates. His existence and constant failure at being a likable human being negates the likelihood of another Trump finding his way into power.




There are apparently a lot of fucking NAZIS though, so maybe Illinois isn’t one to brag.


Wait - how can someone be racist, socialist and republican all at the same time? The first and last I get, but the middle?


If you think Nazis were really “Socialists” I have some bad news for you about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.