Trump's anti-Semites are here to stay

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This administration’s bigotry might go unpunished in the short term, but I hold a sliver of hope that the audacity of their corruption will get them into trouble.

Flynn actually got fired for being an incompetent liar, and the scrutiny on his activities may yet take down others in the administration. It’s not going to be quick, and it won’t really be justice, but if you can nail them for telling big lies to cover up their misdeeds, I’ll take that small victory.


“Sadly, the longstanding taboo in the GOP against ____________________ — once considered to be automatically disqualifying by the Republican mainstream — are no longer an impediment to serving in the executive branch.”

So very many things can now fill this blank.


So appropriately button-pushy for a jlw thread. We’re all suffering under the Rump, but @cowicide fucking warned him.

Stay on topic.


But Breitbart was a Jew!

Read the article, looks like pretty typical outbreak of Trumpophobia but this quote in particular bugs me as a Jew for the reason that if one is genuinely concerned with antisemitism then one must be aware that it is in fact different both historically and at the present time from other prejudices and I’d really rather see it discounted by tossing the issue in the same bucket as other prejudices or separate social issues.

It makes one wonder how much Bannon and Gorka and their ilk must both love and despise 45 at the same time.

Love: he appears to be a hypocritical right wing fuckwit fascist just like them and has got them to places they could only have had a wet dream about previously
Hate: he still seems happy to mix with those Jews, and appears uses the right wing philosophy/politics purely as an opportunistic platform to project his narcissistic sociopathy on. He is NOT a pure “one of us” and they know it.

They are of course using him, and he probably still believes he is using them.

Still, believing two contradictory things before breakfast is kind of par for the course with these guys and is in no way to be characterised as hypocrisy. Oh, no. /s

That somehow reminded me of this guy.

And here I thought that that was called being human.

I’ve been hearing people giving 45 letter grades and want to chime in in a thread that isn’t about that for some reason. He gets an “incomplete”," obviously. If he weren’t so incompetent he would get worse.

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