Synagogue vandalism suspect is accountant with a master's degree


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Jesus is love" and the other is a swastika.


This is Edgelord Nation, now, the rest of us just live here.


So he’s a smart racist idiot. shrug


More of an educated racist than a smart one I suspect.


Yeah, it’s looking more and more like doublethink and newspeak are here. Heil Ingsoc.


More evidence of the economic insecurity that drives these events.


You out-of-touch librul coastal elites in your bubble just don’t have any empathy for the poor downtrodden white people who have no options in life and are just interested in draining the swamp so they can make a modest living.


@beschizza: please spell “Chicago” correctly…thank you!



I like to look on LinkedIn to people I see in the news like this – see if 2nd or 3rd degree connected. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This time no.


“Stuart Wright has two tattoos, writes Sam Charles of The Chigaco News: one says “Jesus is love” and the other is a swastika.”

You know, I kinda have this thing about the “duality of man” that I approached in my art when I was younger. You know, good/bad, war/peace, Ying/Yang, Male/Female, black/white (the colors, not races). Sort of how everyone is generally a little bit of both and there can’t be one with out the other. But usually it was metaphorical - not something so literal as this. o_0


Just another example of soft bigotry of low expectations. No one ever demanded he act like a human being - how can you expect anything different from him?

I blame society.


this is Trump’s hottest demo and you’ll be hearing more from it soon.

That’s okay. Guys? You can take a break now.


And on top of everything else, the SOB parked too close to a fire hydrant.


An accountant?
I think I see a good replacement for Steven Mnuchin!


Well this happened in Chicago so obviously it’s a false flag attack orchestrated by Obama.
(I was really good at Twister as a kid.)


I have one relative who, until recently, worked as a beat cop and then as a sexual crimes detective for a large southern city. Another relative in the same city is a Elementary School teacher, and her husband is a High School teacher. I know, because they told me as we were arguing, that they feel that an Earth segregated into “white people” and “black people” would result in a prosperous, well-governed white half and a chaotic, crime-infested, poor black half. And that, practically as a rule, white people are just smarter, nicer, more rationally-able, and harder working than black people. Each one of these people is college educated and solidly middle-class…and racist.

How does their racism manifest daily? I don’t have the faintest as I don’t live nearby, but I know, at least, that they voted for trump, and I suspect that they wouldn’t really care about some even-more-racist asshole toppling headstones in a Jewish cemetary or spray-painting swastikas on city buildings. They were “shocked/not shocked” that, I was robbed as a resident of Baltimore, and the recent riots in the city only served to calcify their fear.

So to restate the issue: America doesn’t have a problem with radicalized people migrating to the country, America has a problem with its own citizens becoming radicalized extremists.


Somehow, the Chicago Sun-Times becomes “Chigaco News”. shakes head


Which is not the topic here. This person committed an antisemitic act here, and I see no reason to make light of it. Maybe that wasn’t your intent in your comment, but you came off as awfully flippant about the welfare of your fellow human beings.