Pulp Power is a gorgeous tribute to the art of classic crime serials

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Oh yeah. I am all over this. I really want a coffee table book with ALL of the classic The Shadow pulp covers, but for now this will have to tide me over.

Just wondering if I should wait for the price to go down?

@thomdunn or anyone else who is a pulp/Shadow fan, I know of a new fanzine out there. PM me for info.


More stuff I that don’t actually need which will just take up space that I don’t have.

Pulp art is very cool, but I simply don’t need another coffee table book; I’m trying to live more sustainably.


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You may want to go start your own post, and not derail this one; which is about a book about pulp art, NOT the Shadow franchise or its creators.


The Illustrated Press is a good resource if you like this type of artwork. I have several books and treasured issues of their Illustration magazine, all great print quality. All are limited runs so unfortunately a lot of them are out of print, but they have low-quality PDF previews you can check out. The magazine is available digitally as well.


This really is why libraries are so valuable, if you ask me. I would love to pore through this book, but also let others look as well when I am done.

My last move reminded me that I have too many books, and not enough people to share them with.


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