So much wrong with this post…

Sienkiewicz worked on the DC Shadow comic and Steranko did covers for Shadow paperback reprints for Bantam and Pyramid. Not directly for Street & Smith but n licensed projects well after the Shadow ceased publication.

And while they certainly didnt emphasie it, Doc Savage wasnt American and wasnt white. His father was British and his mother was Mayan. And he wasnt born in the US. That business about “tanned by months of exposure to exotic climes” or whatever was hyperbola. The real problem with Doc was the Crime College - Doc would capture criminals and not turn them in - he would send them to a secret hospital where he lobotomized them to make them forget their pasts and cease their violent criminal tendencies.

And the Pattterson Shadow noel was trash. In no other Shadow vehicle did he have invisibility as a power…

Uh… what?

I haven’t had a chance to read the novel, but from friends who have, it very much deviates from any former iteration of The Shadow to the point that it is not the same character and is not very good.

That said, he definitely has had the power of invisibility via “clouding mens’ minds” in both the Radio Show and the Golden Age Comic, not to mention The Shadow movie from 1994.

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