Shade the Changing Girl: amazing, gorgeous new comic about aliens and mean girls

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Huh, so this Shade (The Changing Girl) is also a DC character? But so is Shade (villain-but-not-really from Starman series). As far as i can tell these characters do not overlap at although i’m not familiar with the version that this comic book in question is from.

I’m still pretty fond of Starman’s version, and is possibly one of my all time favorite comic book characters.

Shade the Changing Man (Rac Shade) was created by Steve Ditko in the late 70’s, lasted for 8 issues then apart from the odd guest spot in Suicide Squad basically disappeared until it was revived by Peter Milligan in the early 90’s for quite a good 70 issue run. Unfortunately there have only been three tpb’s that go up to issue 19 though, so you might have a bit of job finding or reading Milligan’s series nowadays. I think Shade the Changing Girl is broadly set in the same world as Ditko’s & Milligan’s series & the main character is a fan of Rac Shade, but apart from that I don’t think you have to be familiar with the old series to know what’s going on.

Didn’t Richard Swift/The Shade start out as a Jay Garrick/Flash villain in the 40’s until James Robinson revamped him during Starman? I don’t think Rac Shade & Richard Swift ever met or really have anything in common apart from the word Shade though.

(a very late edit because it’s been bothering me: The article says Shade the Changing Girl is a Vertigo book, but it’s actually part of Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint with Doom Patrol, Cave Carson & Mother Panic)


Yeah the original Richard Swift Shade was a low rent villain until he was revamped for Starman. His original Golden Age antics get retconned decently well. And from what i read online earlier i don’t think DC has bothered to have any crossover between the two Shade characters, probably trying to avoid confusion.

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