Shade the Changing Girl v. 1: On sidequels and writing the teenage alien

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This week (and next due to the nature of different release dates for the direct market and the book market) marks the release of the first collection of SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL v.1: Earth Girl Made Easy, which compiles issues 1-6 (previously). It’s a heavy load to recreate a character that giants before you have written. Steve Ditko is a master of the strange. His mind a merry-go-round of experimentation.


I recall hearing about this, i don’t know where from, but that this was a good series. Seems totally right up my alley.

Also there’s a typo in the text: “Add in Marley Zarcone’s wongld.”

I love the current Shade run. I created an account just to say this. Cheers!

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Glad to have you around! :slight_smile:

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