Paperback cover model Steve Holland: mercenary, cop, crook, and hot nerd


Seems to be some sort of mistake; the second book shown, Scratch a Thief, clearly shows Don Draper.

And yet, he’s sensibly dressed in each of the depicted covers. Different times, it would seem.

I own a PB of that old Doc Savage novel with the illo that used that photo, right down to the artfully ripped shirt (and model).

funny gifs

Oh, come on! Where’s Doc Savage? There’s mention of him, via the author, Kenneth Robeson, of The Avenger–but no Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze! A cover picture of one of those pulp novels would have done immeasurable service towards making the point of the article. I mean, sure, the picture of Steve Holland was THE pose for Doc Savage, but we really could have used a book cover to ram the point home. Oh well…

He seems to be on at least one of these:

Remo Williams is not amused.

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So basically 1970s Fabio?

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Murdoc Niccals

Is that where Savage Steve Holland got his appellation?

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This topic makes me miss Antinous.


Steve Holland also starred as Flash Gordon in a joint West German, French, and American production. I grew up watching it and still have fond memories of all the cheesy production values.

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I sometimes wonder if he still lurks and shakes his head at how far things have gotten out of hand since he left. Not that I don´t think he made the right decision to leave.

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