Punctuation inflation has infected the tabloids!


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Contest-winning Pie Recipe!!!
A Toilet Seat You Can Live With!!!
Have We Got A Toenail Clipper For You!!!
Boil Lancers?!! We Got Boil Lancers!!!


Nothing new. Middle schoolers have been doing this for centuries.


How much can it get for an interrobang‽‽‽‽‽‽


¡Wait till they put 'em on both ends!

¡And! ¡then! ¡there’s! ¡the! ¡inevitable! ¡next! ¡step!

¡A!¡n!¡d! ¡t!¡h!¡e!¡n! oh forget it


The next possible iteration could be (tabloid-wise) just a picture of Trump’s face with a big exclamation point next to it.


“Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.” -Terry Pratchett


Not as terrible as “MY 12 YRS OF HELL WITH TINYHANDS” by Melania Trump.


Whoah, the Jets are still in existence?


Fake news.


Like the Lions winning anything.


It’s not “Top of the Muffin TO YOU!”


The last two letters in Terry’s last name look like exclamation points to me.


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