Punk band solves art crime



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The trailing slash. Interesting.

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To be fair, they did have help from a van full of hippies and their dog.


Art Crime

Was a goofy white shark their drummer?



The real crime is that anyone thinks a blue dog painting is worth $250,000.


Yeah, should be $1,000,000.


That’s the BBC’s idea of a punk band?

regex in urls.py I assume

One of my college friends made one of the first “interactive” web apps, “Blue Dog Can Count.” It had a used-by-permission picture of the dog and a number entry field. Click a button, and a bark was played for the appropriate number of times.

Rodrigue eventually sent Honus a Blue Dog print, decorated with a little silver spider web.


Is a crime solved when you find the stolen item or is it solved when you find the perpetrators? I don’t know if I consider this crime is solved per se.

Would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling punk kids…

… who are way punker than you are.

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