Punk legend Henry Rollins has a new long-form streaming radio show

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He Never Died: Awesomeness on a emence scale.



I love that man. When I was a teenager, I stopped drinking and other stuff. He was the only one in the scene that I had heard of that had done the same.


I’m a longtime fan of his show on KCRW. Highly recommended if you like your music to have a ragged, insistent, pointy, barbed little heartbeat.


Of course he is a legend, and I have enjoyed both his writing in the L.A. Weekly (now ended) and his radio shows for years. And for someone who most people associate with punk rock, he has an amazing knowledge of all kinds of music. But the only thing that seems odd is that based on what he wrote in one of his L.A. Weekly columns, he does not like to autograph things such as LP’s or CD’s because he assumes the people will simply turn around and sell them on eBay. Of course, that is his decision, I know that. But it was not something I would have expected from him, because in every other way he seems really cool.

He should sign with whatever random name he wants, then only he and the person who was there would know that Rollins signed it. I’d always wished I’d had a now deceased artists hero/teacher of mine simply squeeze a chunk of clay for me. I would have known he did it, and the value would only have rested with me and would have had no commercial existence beyond my memory.

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I take it you hadn’t gotten any exposure to Minor Threat?

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In the 90s while watching his standup act, a friend of mine pointed out it was essentially Tim Allen’s act, and I haven’t been able to unsee it since.


If you’ve never listened to the Henry and Heidi podcast, you need to. Rollins telling awesome stories from his life.

In a similar vein, Iggy Pop has a show on BBC 6Music each week, which is flipping fantastic. He plays a lot of new music, which just makes me think how exciting it must be for a young band to have Iggy fucking Pop! say how much he likes your songs.

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They just never resonated with me the way Rollin’s did. I mean, the straight edge movement was interesting, but I didn’t really fit in there. My friends still drank and used, but I didn’t need any big X’s on my hands to prove the point.

When I was a teenager in 1984 I saw Henry in a record store in Cleveland. I approached him for an autograph and I grabbed a random record to use as a flat surface to sign. He said he’d be happy to sign an autograph and then noticed the album I was holding. He said “Are you going to buy that album? You should, because it’s a great one.” The album I grabbed was “Junkyard” by The Birthday Party. Henry went on to tell me what a cool guy Nick Cave is and pointed out a photo of Nick on the back of the album and gave me some background info behind the photo. I bought the album. I saw Henry and Black Flag perform an outstanding show that evening and The Birthday Party’s “Junkyard” is still one of my favorite albums to this day.


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