Puppy has hiccups but does not comprehend what hiccups are so he barks




whelp, there’s my quota for adorableness for the day. : 3


Sorry kid; but this is only the first incomprehensible indignity against which protest is so futile as to verge on category error in a long line to come…


I fully understand what hiccups are, but I still get this way when they’re persistent.


He hiccuped. He barked. But causality is purely speculative


Gee, thanks Captain Spoilsport McPoopypants. There’s always gotta be one of you around in every thread.


That’s Brigadier General Spoilsport McPoopypants, thank you very much.


Who the fuck is Jukin Media, and why do they keep ruining perfectly good embeds?


My dog used to get hiccups all the time when she was a puppy, but they never lasted long enough for me to get any video.


In fact, you can’t even prove he’s a dog without an autopsy.


At best you’d be able to prove that he was a dog; or some other entity that turns into a dead dog when autopsied. In the grim darkness of petty epistemological quibbling, everything is possible and nothing is provable!


Or that the world was created one minute ago with the dead dog in front of you, and the dog with the hiccups was just an implanted memory…

But if we go too far down that path we just get insanity… dogs with hiccups and cats with bullying parrots living together… mass hysteria…


This is why everyone should take a PHIL101 class at some point. It helps get this stuff out of your system, in a controlled environment.


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