Puppy vs. baby gate


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Any update on how the Hugo voting turned out?


Can’t we enjoy the cute puppiness and not think about all that?


I’m sorry.


Mostly kidding anyway… but you could always start a topic for it, because, really I’m curious about it too… Just… puppy, ya know.


I will do that around the 22nd, when the results are announced. Silly me I thought it would happen as voting closed.


So voting is over and they haven’t announced yet? Hm. Any idea if that’s how it usually works?


I think so? I’ve never been to a sci-fi con, but a web search led me to: http://www.thehugoawards.org/hugo-history/2015-hugo-awards/


In a week or two Atlas won’t be able to fit between those bars.

In a few months he’ll be able to vault that gate.


Don’t ever give up, Atlas (even if it brings shame upon your bloodlines)



Maybe it was just me, but I found the animated .gif in the article to be very disturbing.


To really appreciate it, you have to start this at 2:00 while watching the gif



Yes, that’s how it normally works. The results will be announced during WorldCon, on the 22nd August.


Actually, it’s about puppies in baby journalism.


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