Putin calls for invasion of Ukraine; UN security council meets

I’ve tried in earlier threads. I’ve also tried to urge caution in trusting only western media on this complex issue that seems hell-bent on pushing us back into another profitable cold war. I was ignored on both fronts.

A few others at boing boing and myself seem to be the only ones who aren’t surprised it’s come to this.

Ukraine slides into full-blown dictatorship with brutal new law?

Nine deaths today from mass protests in Ukraine?

Nine deaths today from mass protests in Ukraine?


Finally, around 8 days ago this was ignored:

Ukraine: President and opposition sign deal; Parliament votes to free rival Tymoshenko?

Meanwhile… crazypants McCain would like to push us closer to a new Cold War with Russia… ya know, after arming the Syrian rebels, having open war with Iran, etc., etc…

The military-industrial complex would certainly love that profitable outcome…

John McCain slams Obama on Ukraine: "Most naive president in history"

Regrettably, I think many of the issues surrounding the Ukraine is throughly distorted by western media. For example, if Yanukovych is such an absolute dictator as we kept getting told, then how was Parliament able to free Tymoshenko, etc.? That’s a surprising amount of democratic actions in an absolute dictatorship. I’d like to see Edward Snowden get that same kind of reprieve here in the USA within our wonderful democracy in The Land of the Free, Inc.

Also, we keep getting told what a sweetheart deal the EU would have brought to the Ukraine, but nobody wants to talk about how the deal was in reality trying to bring the same draconian austerity programs to the Ukraine (along with military trappings) that have wrecked so many other western countries. The same austerity that sucks even more wealth to the elite while fucking over everyone else.

Also, we never really hear about how Putin was actually pretty cool and was willing to work with the EU in collaboration on funding the Ukraine and even Germany was down with it until political pressure on Germany killed it. That wasn’t Putin’s fault.

I’m not saying I like Yanukovych or Putin, but I really do think there’s more to the picture than the western media would like us to see.

I understand that there’s a lot of FUD on both sides:

But, that doesn’t explain people like Stephen Cohen, IMO:

Stephen Cohen: The Ukraine Crisis Could Trigger ‘a New Cold War Divide’


Stephen Cohen: The American Press Is Wrong About Ukraine

Stephen Cohen: We Are Promoting ‘Anti-Democratic Action’ in Ukraine

Stephen Cohen: The Questionable Motives Behind Western Involvement in Ukraine

Also, one other thing to digest. If the Tea Baggers or Occupy Wall Street here in the USA started trying to kill the police with molotov cocktails and other deadly projectiles. Would we be defending their actions and/or be surprised when some of them get injured and killed by the police? THINK about that.