Putin foe's grave sudden illness: "spoiled yogurt" to blame

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Bad parenting?

@TobinL - feedback on the (y)East?


Culture clash?

Yoghurt is a dish best served cold?


I think I’ll stick to Greek Yogurt then.

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I’ll definitely be staying away from that Uncle Vlad’s TM Castor Bean Flavor yogurt.


With so many high-profile cases of Litvinenko’s Syndrome going around, one would think Putin would be doing something about it. The disease is as perplexing as AIDS in '80s America - it only ever seems to strike Russian journalists and opposition politicians. Is Putin really ready to be compared to Reagan, cracking homophobic jokes while a new plague sweeps his nation? One would hope not!


Putin is either getting soft or getting subtle in his old age; otherwise they could diagnose the guy with a Geiger counter.

Snark aside, any fermented-food-object enthusiasts and/or biology types available to speculate on whether there in fact is a remotely plausible yoghurt spoilage scenario that would trash your kidneys fairly selectively? I don’t know of one; but there are more bacterial and fungal toxins between heaven and earth, Horatio, and all that.

Yeah, listeria doesn’t seem to attack kidneys as a primary target (meningitis). Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a candidate. It causes kidney failure.

But its probably just the polonium fortified milk.


That nasty old Polonium gets everywhere.


why so cyrilic?


This is why you should always read the label first.


Where did you find this? I’d like to use it as the main image!


google image search

There’s a lot, Tineye has dozens of entries.

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Maybe some leptospira tainted yogurt… (of course not intentionally contaminated…)

Man, I have harsh words for the us government. But thank FSM I am not an enemy of Putin.

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If I were in his pants, and I survived, I would immediately hold a press conference to announce that I was retiring, retract any statements that needed retracting, move far, far away, and hope it was enough.

I’m surprised that it’s not a clear case of too much lead in the diet, or even a buffet table of knuckle sandwiches.

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