Russian doctors "puzzled" over symptoms of Putin critic in a life-threatening coma


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looks like a terminal case of questioning your betters.




He is dying of/for democracy.


Radionucilds? So last century. Also, literally, so traceable. Nucleotides, that’s closer if you want something 21st century. Antibodies against bodies. An immune response to get rid of the virus of dissent, so to say.

This is going to be so cheap in the near future. Mark my words, I would bet my whole nine cases of crisps on it.


Why isn’t there ever a link to the story?!


They should automatically classify any Russian-dissenter mystery ailments as “Putin Syndrome” until they can actually figure out what it is. this user later died of Putin Syndrome, the term he coined


Autoimmune response is a slow way to kill a person and you can suppress it with medication.

The real assassin tool of the future will be a CRISPER like molecule compound designed to target a specific person’s DNA. you can just spray it in to the air and only one person will be effected.


Arafat syndrome.




Delete “auto”, and immune responses are pretty fast. Trust me, I am allergic. :wink:

And, btw, CRISPR is exactly what I was getting on. Cheap. Probably prefect. But still in infancy.


I’m wagering ricin. If it was a radioisotope, we’d know by now. Ricin is harder to find unless you know what you’re looking for, and the Russian secret services have a history of using it.


And if people around them die? Well apparently dissent is super communicable.


Given how the Russian government has shown it’s willing to spare no expense using the most exotic and expensive means of assassinating political opponents, I suspect doctors haven’t got much of a chance in trying to figure it out.



This is not the first time that this has happened:




Putin Syndrome, sometimes also known as VLAD*

*Very Likely Assassinated Dissident.


the unsolved assassination of dissidents…

Unsolved? Like the Moscow police and the whole Scooby Doo crew are combing the streets for the real killer? A case that nobody will ever be allowed to solved is not called “unsolved,” it’s called “state secret.”


Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Putins!