Putin high-fives MBS: Russian leader and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman bro down at G20


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They’re hosting an exclusive meeting later tonight for authoritarian leaders who murder journalists. There will be line dancing, a turkey shoot, and a raffle, and whoever is lucky enough to break open the Donald Trump pinata will go home with a barely-used MBS autographed bonesaw.


Oil based economy meets its teat.


“Nice touch with the bone saw, dude! Old skool!”


“They sat us next to each other!”


It’s like a scene between a couple of John Hughes villains who could do a LOT WORSE than snub you at the homecoming dance.


Putin was giving bin Salman advice on better cover-up techniques.


These two scumbags are in a special club reserved for them alone. Their time will come, and it ain’t going to be pretty.


Just to be super pedantic, everyone’s reporting that they “high-fived” each other. They didn’t. In the video, Putin is going for the high five, but then it’s a slappy bro handshake. I’m not saying it’s better. Just being super pedantic.


They’re just super happy because their plans in the US are going so well.



yep. that was pretty disgusting.


I can only wish these two a Kadafi or Sadam Hussien like exit from this world.



Ah, a meeting of the Not-So-Secret Murder Society!


Not sure if it was a dream or a half asleep thought but when I woke this morning I imagined Trump fleeing before he could be arrested. Later to be pulled from a hidey-hole in the white house lawn. Wearing some cheap sweatpants, face muddy, hair all akimbo. It was a genuinely happy moment.


Blood-of-the-innocent Brothers.


only 9% of US consumption of oil comes from the Saudis anymore

next president needs to promise to cut 1% per year for the next decade

it’s too late to do anything about the billions we’ve already given them but cutting 1% per year has to be possible


“I own Orange Boy.”
“Me too!”


Putin is the only major world leader who is absolutely crushing it right now. He knows exactly where he sits at the table and that everyone else is ether enamored, terrified or both. I’d be all smiles and slappy-hands, too.

BTW, this isn’t said in praise of Vlad, just a realistic assessment of his position as #1 shithead who has it all running smooth as pig shit. And yes, I know the Russian economy is on extremely thin ice, but the vast majority of Russians don’t seem to.


And then they both laughed because they realized they don’t have to cover anything up since there are no consequences for whatever they do.