Putin offers UN staff free coronavirus vaccines, from Russia with love

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/22/putin-offers-un-staff-free-coronavirus-vaccines-from-russia-with-love.html


Wasn’t there a James Bond novel where Blofeld made a similar offer to the U.N.?


This reminds me of a game I play with my GF called “Russian Opposition Leader”, where I offer her things and if she takes them she loses.


…which Putin will deliver personally, shirtless, on horseback.


And generously laced with Novichok?


The nutballs are scared of getting chipped from a Bill Gates-sponsored vaccine. I wonder how they feel about Putin’s offer.

I’m sure they’re all for it as Trump loves Putin and therefore so do they. Let them take Vlad’s novichok cocktail and we’ll all take the one supported by science, and we’ll see who wins.

Looses what?

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Loose nukes, of course.

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When asked what is in the vaccine, russian scientists said, “mostly Polonium”.


In this case I’d rather take my chances with COVID, if you don’t mind.

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Russia has given Sputnik 5 the equivalent of a US EUA but since it is only in the first month of its Phase 3 trail, I think I would have to be a front-line worker to try it.

Still, probably as safe or safer than whatever vaccine the Orange one wants to grant an EUA before Nov. 3, 2020.

Ha. Fixed.

Loses the game. It’s just a game. IRL you lose your life.

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(high pitched Seinfeld voice)

What’s the deal with the Russians using Novichok? Couldn’t they use ANOTHER poison???..

:notes:Boink de boink dah dee boink :notes:

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