Putin's party launches "straight pride" flag

We laugh now, but it won’t be long before this same flag gets raised over the South Carolina state capitol building.


The french straights still get to have physical closeness, while in the russian straight pride flag, any notion of adult human contact has been murdered by children


also, the french woman has a trimmer waistline.

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Yes, it is curious how they Putin that extra child.


As a straight man, I was concerned when my temperature was a little high this morning. The thermometer said 99.8. Fortunately, Dr. Putin’s Almanack reassured me that as long as it stayed under 101, I didn’t have the Gay Fever.




There’s a vaccine for Gay Fever, of course. Unfortunately, though, the mercury in it has a tendency to make your dick get soft around the opposite sex, so it hasn’t caught on quite yet.

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I’ve got a bad case of Gay Fever… and the only cure is MORE GAY COWBELL.


Putin hates us cuz he anus us!

Now where did I hear that before?

Finally, international political discourse has been raised to the level of homophobes on social media. (You’ll know it’s raised another tiny notch when there are suddenly minions on every national flag.)

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There are so many ways this could have been done, and even a few of them wouldn’t have looked terrible.

This? Ugh.

WTF guy.

If gay fever is anything like rockin’ pneumonia, boogie-woogie flu, cat-scratch fever, or the dreaded “Lovin’ You”, the CDC needs to get on this ASAP.


Hell’s Bell’s! Gay Fever! Now it all makes sense. Mom said I was always running a fever as a kid. I wouldn’t have had to take all those damn cold showers if I had known I had The Fever! Hell, I thought I liked other guys cause they were so damn cute and all along it was because I had The Fever.

I Got The Fever on a Tee shirt coming to you. Don’t be playing with my verb there either.

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i don’t know about FEVER, but some gay guys definitely make me hot.


There, fixed it!


I feel bad for gay people in Russian right now. It’s getting downright dangerous to be gay there. If you’ve seen the documentary Hunted, you know that it’s not a laughing matter for a lot of people.

That said, that flag is really ridiculous, and one way to rob dictators of power and authority is to undermine their gravitas with humor.


Too bad this doesn’t reflect Putin’s family. He’s divorced, probably because he’s been rumored to have been having an affair with a girl 30 years younger than him. So much for traditional marriage.

Where’s the keg of Vodka?

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Is it as bad as in Jamaica? I recently looked up something I had heard on “The thick of it”, and was shocked by what I discovered.

Indeed, Uganda also has similar issues. I grew up in a part of the world where being openly gay could get you badly harmed in various ways, but at least people didn’t actively seek you out for genocidal purposes.

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