This 'Putin as a gay clown' image is now illegal in Russia, so please do not share


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Is that the prohibited image? The article speculates that this may be the offending image.


In current Russia, it’s illegal to disperse “gay propaganda” and to “cast homosexuality in a positive light”. So… they can basically charge you for whatever.

In Soviet Russia, I don’t know, but expect it’d be even worse.

In anycase, Put-In is a homophobic thug and a murderer who uses the church to whip up populist outrage against people who aren’t doing anything to hurt anyone. You know. Like a despot.


It could well be this one.


Putin as what?



Oh, I’d very much like to do something with that rod.

But I lack the photoshop skills


But Gay Putin doesn’t seem to do that, from where I stand anyway.


Clown? More like emcee.


so please do not share

Livejournal's Russian owners announce new anti-LGBT policy, fandom stages mass exodus

And what ever you do, don’t share it to LiveJournal.


That dead stare!
It will be haunting my nightmares!


I am not a fan of the multitude of “Putin and Trump smooching in drag” memes I see floating around. Yes, I get it, Putin’s using Trump as a puppet, they’re BFFs, etc. I’d think that would be damning enough without resorting to “…and they’re GAY!!” as if you’re in 5th grade trying to come up with the ultimate insult.


I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I believe it’s because PUTIN finds it so insulting, not that the image propagator finds it so. I personally think anyone so vehemently against homosexuality is so far in the closet it must be harmful to them, so it’s only a humanitarian service to let them out.


Roger That!


I just went on Twitter and posted it and let everyone know they shouldn’t share it!


You’re into fishing? What kind of bait do you like to use?


Calling them gay in a derogatory sense is not the point. It’s satire (albeit not very subtle) of a guy who has the power to make his private dislike of a sexual orientation into law that discriminates and endangers millions of people.


you know I have an inactive but still good account there… sooo tempting.


We may get an answer to the age-old question, “what if the power of Rickrolling could be used for Good?”


I actually read an article about this very thing.