Putin's party launches "straight pride" flag


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Predictably banal and ugly, like so much fascist art.


Parody version dropping in 3…2…1…


I don’t get the fuss. I see a happy lesbian couple and their kids on the flag and that screams pro-lgbt to me.


They copied it from a French flag (advocating much the same thing)



Straight-leg pride? Wearing certain clothes does not make you a specific sex! We discussed this just yesterday in the “Facebook friends icon” topic. Obviously, Putin’s people haven’t read it. They really should try to keep up.


I’m not trying to Godwin the thread, bit do you think folks had the same point-n-laugh attitude towards Hitler from 1934-1938?


Hitler-dropping in discussions of bona fide fascism is not Godwinning.

ETA: I think I discovered a new euphemism for pooping.


Well, there was the Great Dictator, which came out in 1940:

Plus, I seem to remember some Donald Duck as Hitler cartoons as well (from re-runs, not from being around the 30s and 40s)… I’d imagine that’s a more general yes. I bet Punch, for one, had tons of Hitler parody type stuff.


Picard approves.


Hilter was bad … but at least he killed Hilter.


Putinistas are as likely as not to regard Boingboing as a decadent liberal cesspool.


Thank goodness! I was afraid nobody would stand up for us poor straight people! And lookie, they’re white!


We laugh now, but it won’t be long before this same flag gets raised over the South Carolina state capitol building.


The french straights still get to have physical closeness, while in the russian straight pride flag, any notion of adult human contact has been murdered by children


also, the french woman has a trimmer waistline.


Yes, it is curious how they Putin that extra child.


As a straight man, I was concerned when my temperature was a little high this morning. The thermometer said 99.8. Fortunately, Dr. Putin’s Almanack reassured me that as long as it stayed under 101, I didn’t have the Gay Fever.