Weird laws from around the world


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In Russia, it’s illegal to tell minors that gay people exist.



As a Floridian, while I can’t speak to the veracity of the porcupine porking law (nor do I wish to test it) – I can say the “unmarried woman parachuting on Sundays” one seems to be completely false. Never is it cited, and searches for any statute on the books always come up with nothing even close.


The English subtitles for the scene in the Russian prison are missing some of the nuance of the original.


DING DING DING! We got a winner.


The spoken Russian was easily my favorite part.


My default setting for any “Wacky Laws” piece is “Probably not, though.”


Usually the Wacky Law is cited overly specifically, for maximum Wackiness. So “bestiality is illegal” becomes “having sex with a porcupine is illegal.” The latter statement is technically true, but it’s misleading.


The government there is very homophobic.

…and ironic given Putin’s image.



I believe this would be called “controlling the narrative.”


Sounds like a Russian version of Section 28. That was only repealed in the UK back in 2000.


I would be very interested to see/read an example of the missing nuance :slight_smile:


Many “strange” laws are simply logical absurdities that people come up with based on far more general laws. E.g. the porcupine bit is not on the books as a specific reference to porcupines, but rather as a general prohibition against any kind of bestiality.


Nah, you can’t see or read it. You have to listen. :laughing:


I heard wut u did dere! :stuck_out_tongue:


I look forward to comments from a certain princess pricklepants.


Or they are just made up to be funny entries in a listicle. So many of these “lol check out these crazy laws” lists are bullshit.


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