We laugh, but Putin's hilariously macho photos help him "stay in power"


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There must be something like Poe’s Law pertaining to the intersection of “Russian Machismo” and “Looking Gay”.


really? I thought it was him killing all his opposition.


When you see the grudging admiration that the Fox News crew has for Putin, the purpose of the macho play-acting becomes completely transparent. Putin would do just as well in America.


Good point, and thanks for seeing it – I’m plenty glad to take your word for it.


Politicians need to remember this strategy can backfire.


Putin has the advantage that, unlike Mike, he doesn’t look like a freakish composite of Mr. Rogers and Gordon Gekko oozing all the charm of a used car salesman trying to hard-sell you the vehicle he’s posing in.


Duh, he didn’t take his shirt off.


It worked for California…


It’s not like Putin was the first…

Never Gonna Give You Brezhneuff! (Never Gonna Let You Gogol)

Sweet baby Jebus, are you trying to burn that image into my retinas?!


Is he wearing pantyhose? I guess it takes all sorts. Not so much Brezhnev as Brezhneuff!


I have been afraid to even contemplate what might be going on below the sash…


It’s bi-Czar, to me.




Actually, I meant it to be pronounced in the manner of “bizarre”…


Sweet vintage phone.


Whoever did that gif wins the internet today, no matter what happens on After Midnight.


So if anyone were serious about undermining Putin, they would spread about more pictures of Sad Putin with photoshopped bags under his eyes? Hmmm…