Russia: Nearly nude Putin dips in icy pool to celebrate Orthodox Epiphany in manly-man tradition


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This is actually kind of cool, like a Bond villain also was a true believer head of a cult.

Then you realize it’s real life…


Trump will fap to that video…believe me.


Notice how he did not fully submerse? I’m guessing the water interferes with his Drumpf mind control unit (MCU).


Eh - the L Street Brownies have several hundred folks at their New Years Day swim in Dorchester Bay since 1902.




Remember that time he took his shirt off?




Plus 5 extra characters.


there are multiple good band names in that headline


Spare me sweet jeezus…what if fat* 45 decides to emulate his master…You gonna expose the world to a picture of that? Please say no.

*OK alledgedly 1 pound under obese.


undoubtedly, so will his followers.


So bullshit. He is the master of the nothingburger.


Not Kidding. I can’t tell if Putin’s in good physical condition for his age, or not, because my brain has been warped by consumerist Western propaganda about body image and bmi. Also: At least one anonymous gym rat at VICE Sports has answered this question with a firm, “Nah, bro.


putin was stacking afghan scalps while you were in short pants son. all that mi-24 hind poison gas has an effect on a man


I love how Putin bothers to cross himself.

Yeah Vlad, those empty rituals sure are gonna help keep you out of hell…


Is it possible to disrobe when wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes™?


Notice that Putin is not shown emerging from the bath, due to the effects of ice-cold water on certain manly attributes. Good call.


He’s in good shape for a 50 year old.

(He’s 65.)

So yeah.

The gym rat in question is clearly trolling. Maybe the weight training regime has some bad form, but to be fair in his younger years, his exercise regime was

OK, yeah. I see someone else already mentioned it.


have you ever seen the photo of him and reagan? back when putin was a mere KGB operative (in west german tourist disguise, presumably)