Putting together a game-modeling "bitz box" on a budget

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  • Polystyrene cement does a great job of melting polystyrene packing material, which is great for making ruined terrain
  • You can also use paper tissue (ie, bog roll) to model fabric, then coat it in loads of polystyrene cement to make it solid and able to take paint
  • Any random bits of wire you can find make fantastic pipes
  • Oh yeah, and if you can find the lead channelling that’s used for stained glass windows, it’s about the right size to be ‘steel joists’ or I-beams, but because it’s lead, you can bend it into whichever shape you like. (Apparently it’s known as “lead came”, that’s a new bit of jargon I’ve learnt today)

I’ve picked up a bunch of discounted models for kitbash parts. I sometimes use them to practice building and painting techniques. Since I’m not invested in them, I’ll sometimes put them in the garden or flower beds. The next owner of this house is going to find some interesting things…


Besides having a healthy stash of all of the stuff Trent talks about in his video, years ago, I got a “Bitz Grab Bag” on eBay for $35. It had tons of WH40K and WHFB parts. That was like ten years ago and I still have some of it in my bitz box. I’ve looked for similar bundles but haven’t seen anything as good since.

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