Bani Garu: Non-Bubbling Polyurethane


Minor lettering typo “Hundreds”. I only call attention to it because it distracted me from the comic, which I have been greatly enjoying so far.

Hmmm. Eva Hesse comes to mind…

mmmm model glue. Drug of choice for the American preteen male. I spent a lot of time as a kid with various model kits, but never really finished them or figured out how to make them really nice. There’s also a ship in a bottle I never finished. That’s sort of family tradition though, belonged to my dad and he never finished it. One day I hope my own children will not finish it.


No, I think it was supposed to say “undead.”

Maybe I meant “'undreds”! No, I held back an “h” for safekeeping.

For anyone interested, Lea was just on ANNCast talking about her time at Gainax:

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Does Lea have a link to where people can leave the occasional donation to support her Bani Garu comic? I find this work quite interesting and worthy of the tale she has to tell. So far I have been keeping up with the posts, via Boing Boing, but I’d like to convey my support in a more “tangible” manner. An obvious link would be great.

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Reminds me of the good old days of miniature painting, with fine lead particles flying about in the air as I removed flash from a Chaos Snakeman… Nowadays, of course, resin is still used in a lot of (costly) kits, including those of frighteningly expensive GW spin-off Forge World (imagine the Neo Geo of wargaming) - I would always advise wearing a dust mask in these cases.


Hector, that’s very kind. If you feel moved to PayPal, the email is divalea at gmail.

A good mask (or booth) is a must.

“Neo Geo of wargaming” is the best example of geek dialect I have heard in a while. :smiley:


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