A master of miniature model-making shares his hard-earned secrets


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I have nothing against 3D printers and such, but I have much more respect for people who master the dozens of little techniques required to scratch build models.

I need to re-create a transparent fin unit for a scale Titan II model rocket. I built the model (badly) in 1978 or so, and rebuilt it (pretty nicely) in 1999, but a disasterous first flight resulted in the fin unit breaking. It was made from "butyrate’ plastic, which was once common in hobby shops; it was used to make model airplane windows. The “glue” to put it together was clear butyrate dope. A skilled modeler would know what clear plastics to use and what adhesives would work best. I’m in my 18th year of procrasticnating!


Neat is a super interesting dude, even apart from his specific modelling work. A great example of the more humble side of maker culture. (Your link to his blog is broken, too. Just a heads-up!)


I need dis.

(BTW, the link is mangled for the website. Correct link.)


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