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For some reason sometimes when I post a GIF it claims I have edited my post.


If the gif you post is already in the discourse cache, then it will silently replace it with the link when you post it. If the gif isn’t in the cache yet, then discourse will grab a copy, put it in the cache, then update your post to point to the cached copy, so there is no bitrot. This will show up as an edit… but it’s the system editing your post, not you.


Test Computer GIF


The one thing you can’t do properly (yet?) in the particular implementation of Markdown that Discourse uses is underlining text.

<u> and </u> aren’t supported. Which is something of a deviation from HTML5. (There are those who think that underlined text looks too much like a link, and, in fairness, they have a point.)

Using <ins> and </ins> is a crude workaround like using a butter knife as a screwdriver and will, in some environments, result in the text not just being underlined but also highlighted, see above.
There is bound to be another workaround for that; I haven’t really looked yet.
But fix one workaround with another, and soon you’ll be writing lines of HTML just to make one word in a short post stick out a little? This sort of business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and you’ll be lucky if your sanity survives it.


I̲t̲’̲s̲ ̲n̲o̲t̲ ̲t̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲h̲a̲r̲d̲

Using a span tag with styles didn’t work either, so there’s more HTML filtering than just u

OK, so I cheated.


[puts on panto costume]   Oh yes it is!

Another clever workaround, sure - but still not a proper underline. The little gaps make it look like morse code or something, and it’s all zeroes. Unsatisfactory.


Is there a reason that the orange pencil (indicating that a post was edited) only appears on certain edited posts? Is there a time window in which you can “adjust” a new post without it being shown as edited? Does filling out the “reason for editing” box have any effect?


I think you can do “ghost edits” up to 5 minutes after you make the post. After that you get the Pencil of Shame. Also, some system edits always trigger the pencil.

Not sure what role “reason for edit” plays but I have never seen the results of that field publicly visible when I fill it in, but I also haven’t looked too hard.

(The availability of and window for ghost edits might depend on trust level?)


Thanks! I’m asking because I do “ghost edits” often and don’t get the Shame Pencil, but I just started a topic over in the Links category, edited it immediately for clarity, and the orange pencil was there. Maybe topic-starting posts are handled differently? I also used the reason-for-editing box (which I don’t usually for minor edits), so I thought that maybe triggers an automatic orange pencil regardless of the time window.


Sounds like an opportunity for an experiment. I’ll edit this post within the window but add a “reason for editing” and see if it triggers a pencil.

Edit: Editing for experimental reasons.

2nd edit: Looks like the “reason for editing” forces the Pencil of Shame to appear.


… it used to be 5 minutes, now it’s 10 — also if we change “too much” we get the pencil regardless


while we’re on the subject of the edit-pencil, any explanation about the slight color difference? Corresponds to number of edits? (screenshot of previous two posts)


The fresher the edit, the oranger the pencil. Very old edits are the same color as the rest of the flair. Not sure how long it takes for it to fade, though.


What does this mean?

I thought it might indicate a topic starting-post that contains a link, but then wouldn’t most of the posts in (e.g.) the “Links” category have these symbols?

ETA: Ah, I think it happens if you paste a link here when starting a topic:


…but I’m not going to start a topic to find out.

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Yes, that’s exactly how I started the topic.


@beschizza @orenwolf

The full text does not appear when you click on “Show Full Post”.

The only text that appears is the pull quote begining “The summons comes…”


Does for me.
(Brave on a fairly recent Lenovo tablet.)


It doesn’t show for me, either. And I’m on a brand new gaming desktop.


Same for me on Chrome on Android.

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