QAnon might be surprised to know that Lee Harvey Oswald took LSD as a Marine

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Even more surprising but true about Lee Harvey Oswald. TV action show producer Donald Bellisario served with him in the Marines.

Bellisario, 'I’m convinced Oswald acted alone. He was an obsessed fanatic. I understood how sick he was. We fired the same weapons and went through the same training. He knew how to handle a rifle, just as I did. Being in the same outfit, we had the same knowledge.”


I have a semi-educated hunch that MK Ultra and similar/related activities during the cold war could ultimately be at the heart of a whole bunch of the weird shit that went on to spawn a lot of conspiracy theory lore.
Not because the experiments were actually in any way successful, not because anyone actually succeeded in creating brainwashed, Manchurian candidate assassins or anything like that, but in fact the opposite.
The one result you probably can reliably arrive at by feeding huge doses of LSD to someone, then trying to rewrite the programming of their brain through unrelenting psychological torture (which is about 99% of what MK Ultra actually consisted of), is that you can send them absolutely stark raving bonkers.
So say somebody who has endured one of these experiments then goes off and shoots the president. Again, not because he’d been programmed to, but because he’d been turned into a paranoid schizophrenic with a grudge against the government. You can’t have this guy start insisting under police interview that he’d been experimented on by CIA spooks while he was in the marines.
Sure you can be 99% certain that the police will think he’s just nuts, but that 1% chance someone will listen to him could have catastrophic results. So maybe someone with a lot of skin in the game, for instance Dr Louis Jolyon West, arranges for Jack Ruby, a Mafia affiliated nightclub owner who is dying of cancer anyway, to remove the possibility of that ever happening by assassinating Oswald.
It’s a messy as hell solution, the whole world thinks there’s been a conspiracy and a cover-up, but it works. Conspiracy theorists spend the next 60 years presuming that whatever happened was all deliberate and planned, constructing ever more baroque and paranoid theories in a futile attempt to piece it all together, when in fact what we actually have is a skin of the teeth coverup of the mess caused by a bunch of unaccountable yahoos going wild with an infinite supply of LSD trying to figure out the impossible secret of mind control.


“Though he rarely turns down a televised interview, he refused to come,” Carlson said. “We hope he will reconsider.”

Well, Tucker, I’m guessing that Pompeo is waiting for you to become less of a crippling embarrassment to the Journalistic community before appearing on your shit show.

I’m a firm believer in the Accidental Theory of History rather than the Conspiracy Theory; so I agree. :+1:


I call it fuckup theory. Evidence of a cover-up is evidence of a fuckup. You don’t need a cover-up when things go to plan.


Ponder Denzel Washington GIF by Entertainment Tonight


Even if Pompius Maximus deigned to appear on Carlson’s show, I wouldn’t believe a word that failed machine-shop owner said.

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Oh wow, that’s quite a factoid! One Marine went on to give us Magnum, P.I. another assassinated the president. It kind of explains how the Navy ranked so high in that TV series. Although the Navy plays a big part in Hawaiian history as well. I’ll side with Donald B., Oswald acted alone.


The Navy & Marines play a part in a lot of Bellisario shows besides Magnum PI:
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Sam’s brother in Quantum Leap was a Navy SEAL

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I really need to read The Idle Warriors by Kerry W. Thornley…


Thornley was also known for his 1962 manuscript, The Idle Warriors, which was based on the activities of his acquaintance, Lee Harvey Oswald, prior to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.


From what I recall, Thornley always insisted he’d been the subject of a LSD experiment while he was in the Marines too?


Kerry Thornley claimed both he and Lee Harvey Oswald were test subjects in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA experiments.


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