QOP Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't believe in evolution or 'so-called science'

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She’s like a 3 day version of Sam Cooke without the Wonderful World verses.

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book
Don’t know much about the French I took

Don’t know much about geography
Don’t know much trigonometry
Don’t know much about algebra
Don’t know what a slide rule is for


Maybe somebody should suggest to her that seat belts and speed limits are an government conspiracy


Fun fact. The “gain-of-function research” she says she doesn’t believe in is exactly the type of evolution creationist DO believe in.

In young Earth creationism and baraminology a central tenet is that evolution can explain diversity in a limited number of created kinds which can interbreed (which they call “microevolution”) while the formation of new “kinds” (which they call “macroevolution”) is impossible. This acceptance of “microevolution” only within a “kind” is also typical of old Earth creationism.


I dunno, why is there a need to turn Egyptian dust into a plague of boils?

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From this I conclude, obviously, that there is a sect of Wuhan-based bioweapon researchers who work directly for the Lord, and we must send them all of our funding and resources to support their holy endeavor. She can do that through me, just send me a check and I’ll forward it.


Huh, now I know how to correctly pronounce her name:

Empty Greene


Perhaps MTG reads chick tracts unironically.

Massa, M. (2003). The “Death Cookie” and Other “Catholic Cartoons”: Jack Chick and the Vatican Conspiracy against “Gospel Christianity”. U.S. Catholic Historian, 21 (4), 63-78.

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So it’s a Game of Domes?

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I still think Twitter is a cesspool of a platform overall but damned if AOC isn’t one of the best at it.


And I believe she has worms in her brains.


And a very effective bioweapon that god of yours has employed for millennia. Ever hear of the flu?

Paraphrasing a T-shirt I own:
‘Science doesn’t give a flying fuck what you believe’
And evolution? Ever wonder why you need a different flu shot every year?

Since you probably also think you were made in its image, this proves your god is an asshole.

Yabut where’s the money in that? The Rubes want entertainment, not education…

It could be worse. You could be in Texas.
Been watching it devolve for years.

Oh, that was god’s punishment for whatever… they have a [non]answer for everything.

And I believe those worms starved to death.


Does lead paint require oxygen to stick… Oooops just gave more oxygen to MTG… my bad!

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I am in Texas :expressionless:


Ah, so you know how it is.
Too bad Molly Ivins & HST aren’t around.
Bill Hicks, too.

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You know, I understand that literacy tests as a prerequisite to voting were historically racist and everything, but =gestures wildly at everything=…

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