Biden mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene, to raucous laughter: "Isn't she amazing? Oof!"

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Hermione idiot


“You know, a little bit more Marjorie Taylor Greene, a few more and you’re gonna have a lot of Republicans running our way,” Biden said while chuckling.

I think he could be right about that. Maybe.

Republican voters aren’t all complete assholes and lunatics, and it could be that a lot of them don’t want to vote GOP if raving nutters like her are the face of the party.

OTOH, look where underestimating Loony Donny got Democrats in 2016.

Dems aren’t going to be able to just laugh away the far right. Look what it’s doing in Florida, a series of fascist “reforms” and clamp-downs that they’re also expanding to other states.


And now Marge and every republican, including the mother, are saying Biden laughed at the death of two boys.


They would make something up to feel outraged about anyway. When someone is both implacably hostile and utterly mendacious, there’s no point in trying to accommodate them in any way.


That’s right; I think the biggest danger isn’t that there are only loonies or fleers, but that there is a large segment in the middle that is earnest but duped by all the disinformation from their “leaders”. I know people like that and they are quiet but stuck in their misbeliefs.


Sometimes I feel like ‘belief’, the human ability to hold something as true without evidence or against evidence, is one of the biggest double-edged swords we have as a species.

When belief becomes connected to identity, it gets even stronger - no one wants to experience their identity erode (unless perhaps they are intentionally trying to do it). I’m coming at this from anxiety treatment and self-esteem angles, however I think it applies to everything else, too.

Conspiracy theories for example give people something to identify with. Suddenly, you know something and are part of something. You may be helpless though you can point at who’s making you helpless, and it’s not just someone else, it’s someone else that you’re special to know about.

Religion is just a really huge, cross-society example of a conspiracy theory (if you follow this religion you know the truth and will be treated well if you do the right things.)

Never mind that these beliefs are built on things that have no evidence (god) or evidence to the contrary (flat earth, qanon, the idea that trans people are corrupting children, that there is a superior race of humans, etc). They’re beliefs. You hold them to be true and you hold them to your heart and wrap it around them and pump them around your body with your blood.


As tired as I get of seeing MTG in the BB feed every single daggone day, if this is the ultimate effect, I’m okay with it.


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