Marjorie Taylor Greene loses argument against Marjorie Taylor Greene

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If it weren’t MTG, the thought might occur that there’s more than one MTG them wandering around and tweeting out there.

Scary thought!


I don’t see a contradiction. Greene wanted to be the only one there, so followers should let her have the empty streets and media circus for herself.


(Asking generally, not specifically aimed at @frauenfelder)

Why bother pointing out the contradictions anymore? We’ve known for ages they have no coherent worldview, no commitment to consistency, and no beliefs beyond their own imagined superiority.

I know I’m being nihilism-adjacent, but at this point every time this sort of thing comes up, it’s mostly just depressing, so why bother spending brainspace on it?


The number of stories consisting of MTG said something stupid!!! is remarkable.

ETA: I also think it may be worth noting the distinction between the “____ is doing and/or trying to do a bad thing that is worth knowing about” and the empty calorie “___ said something stupid on Twitter!” that is utterly pointless beyond driving traffic and increasing exposure


Because people like her pose a real threat to our country, and people within it. We spent several decades ignoring the underground white supremacist movement, and the rise of Trump was part of the outcome of that.

You don’t solve a problem by ignoring it. You highlight it, you make the argument why it’s a problem to as wide an audience as possible, and you organize against it… It sucks to have to hear about this - imagine what it feels like to be the target of the fascist polices she and others promote! If we don’t pay attention to extremists like her and take them seriously instead of dismissing them as just weird outliers, like we did for years prior to the emergence of Trump as a political force, we’re letting them win.


Am I the only one that mistakes the “X” logo in the top right hand corner as a close window button? I keep trying to use it to get rid of embedded tweets.


I agree with you entirely. We should absolutely highlight the things she trying to do, policies she’s trying to push, mobs she’s trying to stir up.

My question is specifically about pointing out hypocrisy and inconsistency in what they say and do. We all know they’re full of crap, I think on some level almost everyone knows they’re full of crap, so why not ignore when they put out self-conflicting XChan posts and focus just on what they are actually doing or saying.

I just feel like post-Turnip (and earlier, but especially since him), pointing at hypocrisy specifically accomplishes nothing except reminding us that they don’t care about hypocrisy. It’s an attack on their character, but their voters have long since given up caring about that.


Exactly this.


I think someone mentioned this point (maybe it was @Melizmatic?) in another thread, where someone was complaining about this…but it’s not for the true believers :tm: who are not reading this blog, but for the on the fencers who might be more likely to be reading this blog. I think it would be foolish to assume it’s just us weirdos reading BB and that we all share the same political outlook (we clearly all don’t). Hammering home their hypocrisy matters as there are very much fence-sitters who care about that and it should shape their voting patterns in the next round of elections that are coming up.

I don’t think there is a reason not to do both…

See my point above…

And I will reiterate, that we don’t push back against these chucklefucks at our own peril. They’re gonna come for all of us, if they get control. Calling them out for who they are, including how they’re hypocrites, matters, in that context.


I think that was between @Melizmatic and me :sweat_smile:. I swear I’m not trying to stop or even slow down the pushback on these assholes, but it’s hard to think that pointing out their character flaws really works. Many of them got into office despite these issues being obvious in the first place, and there will always be people like MTG who come from deep-red regions so full of unconvinceables that they win practically by default (though thankfully I hear she’s polling poorly against her competitor :crossed_fingers: (this kind of goes against my argument, I know)).

After the past 6+ years, I’m pretty pessimistic about there being enough fence-sitters left to move the needle, but I honestly hope I’m wrong.

My personal reason is that it stopped being funny or poignant a long time ago, and now I’m just tired. I’d prefer to only hear about these assholes when it’s something more substantive than social media nonsense. Maybe it’s a mistake to assume most people feel the same way, I don’t know.

It’s just that I’d prefer a higher wonderful-things-to-political-misery ratio on BB. It’s the place I come to read the words of smart, thoughtful, and funny people, and in my opinion, highlighting fluff like this dilutes the quality and experience of this site.

ETA: It might be just as tiring/depressing to me personally, but as an example, I think occasional posts along the lines of “Reminder: this person exists and is doing horrible things A, B, and C” instead of stuff like this would be more useful and inspire more thought/discussion/action.


An MT Greene news roundup every couple weeks instead of every time she says something stupid?


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I’m aware. I don’t your arguing in bad faith here… I just profoundly disagree! :laughing:

Not by itself, no, but with everything else about them… it has an effect, I think…

Sure same with trump. But I know her district, and I can see how some would see her appeal up there, sadly. Plus, there are those who are just sick of everything and ready to burn it down.

Part of the problem is decades of violent voter suppression and white flight. It’s a tough nut to crack, but it’s not impossible for change to happen… unless we just abandon those places altogether. I think we all know my record on treating the south like it’s just nonredeemable. Shit changes, but we have to work at it.


It was never funny.


Yeah, pretty much, with posts in between when she actually does something bad rather than just making herself look (even more) stupid.

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“Don’t give them an ounce of your flesh”

Isn’t that a pretty not so subtle anti-semitic argle bargle thing?
I mean it’s a pound not an ounce, but… it’s from Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” as if darkly seen through a dumb-house mirror.

my goodness what a nightmare realm her inner thoughts must be!


You’re a far kinder person than I, seeing as you assume she has inner thoughts.


I feel confident in saying you are not alone in that sentiment!
But in terms of what authors decide to post, we either give them attention, like here, or decide to look elsewhere for our wonderful things.
So here we are, a few dozen comments in, indicating this kind of topic spurs engagement. It’s a real conundrum.
And, fwiw, though I wish it wasn’t such a key topic here, I do see the value in cataloguing the blatant hypocrisy of these politicians. In addition to their harmful policy initiatives.
I guess if it’s going to be posted here, I wish authors called more attention on the main post to the dog whistles hidden in her phraseology. Because she’s only going to escalate from here. And though it’s not wonderful, I don’t see how calling her and others out for this shit can ever really be a bad thing.


… I too am conundered :confused:


conunderment, conunder, conundering, conundered…
he, she, they conunder/ed…
am, is, are, was, were conundering/ed…

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The gerund is an especially nice touch.