Quebec doctors can soon prescribe art museum visits


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Hopefully they are not prescribing museum trips in as a replacement for actual medicine.


I presume its more of a quality of life/meantal health thing. This is totally 100% something i would be happy to have a doctor or therapist prescribe to me. I love museums, exhibits, zoos, etc but i often lack the motivation to go to these places.


Quebec doctors can soon prescribe art museum visits

As punishment?


Art museum visits could really help with depression during those hard winters. But my problem with Quebec is without sliced bread how do they line their boots with bread bags? Nobody likes wet socks!


So this is what happens when you legalize recreational weed.


What we need is a prescription for more Planetarium Pink Floyd Laser Shows!


prescribed art? where is this going ?

its the year 2022 and at the entrance of one of the many new therapeutic art museums to open across north america (europeans were appalled) an art pharmacist directs patients to their correct wings. “your prescription please yes rorschachs’ are on floor three left wing” “yes sir a cold I see, yes , Warhol’s can of soup we keep it the main lobby during flu season, do drink it in slowly with your eyes while veiwing”
in a whisper " ah “Blue Levitra
Above Cialis” we keep that sculpture in the north wing next to the Helmut newton exhibit room 69 "winks.


I got a fever and the only cure is a visit to The Louvre.


Aedification as a cure for depression? Who knew?


A doctor did recommend to me the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal . Okay, he was a Doctor of Philosophy (Music) teaching at McGill, but still…


What an adorable PR stunt.

No missing sarcasm tag. I truly adore this.


I bet people would be more likely to go if doctors forbid them art museum visits.


More likely to cause autism than any vaccine.


You say this like its a bad thing…


In terms of the actual article I think its great. I’m just having having fun with imagining a potential dystopia.


I figured you were having some fun with it :slight_smile:


The parks system in Sonoma County, California gave our Family Practice clinic cool pads to prescribe a visit to a park. They are a big hit! They get you a week pass to regional parks free.



The 80s called, they need you back :wink:

(I spent many a Saturday night stoned and watching Laser Floyd at the Planetarium in Toronto.)


Go outside and play, dammit. It’s good for you!