Burying the past in glass coffins: Victoria & Albert museum bans sketching in temporary exhibitions


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No photography is fine… too many people live their lives through their phone screens, plus there are an appreciable number of morons out there who can’t figure out how to turn off the flash. But… sketching?? So long as it’s being done out of the way, how can you be a museum and ban the creation of more art?


Art isn’t for enjoyment anymore. It’s an investment tool.


They haven’t banned mimes. I smell an opportunity.


while they are at it, they should probably ban photographic memory too.


I’m sketching right now.



There’s a real problem with the big exhibitions that a lot of people pay to see the items and I’m afraid people standing in front of them for ages to make sketches make it harder for other visitors to see the exhibits.

Perhaps the way out of this is for museums to offer art students special extended hours so they can visit without the rest of us getting in the way?

And yes artists, twenty of you sprawling around the Hellenistic sculpture gallery at the British Museum are in the way - so please stop tutting when people stand in front of the artworks.


FINE! I’ll leave my camera and sketchbook at home. Now would you please help me set up this tripod for my high-res 3D scanner?


Next up; no memories…


Museum visitors must be heavily sedated and behaviorally reprogrammed to forget all the of museum exhibits. Any memories, including up to repressed ones, are strictly forbidden and may be subject to lobotomization. Thank you for supporting the arts.


How can they enforce the ban on photography now that fast high resolution cameras are so small? I could fit one in a hat or a button on my coat. This will simply annoy people without preventing inventive and well funded people acquiring images of the exhibits.


this could be used without any edits in a Paranoia sourcebook


What happens if you put a mime inside an actual glass box? Do they stay still and perform only with words? Do they phase through the glass as if it wasn’t there? So many questions.


I make an annual or semi-annual pilgrimage to an art museum every year and there’s always at least one painting, sculpture, or object that I want. Not because it holds its value well, not because I can resell it or put it on my wall. Shit, my walls are ugly, I don’t want it on my walls. I want it in the sense that I want it to become a part of my psyche. I want to stare at it until it occupies the back of brain forever. Because that’s not possible, I suppose I’d like to own certain paintings to refresh my memory of them whenever I please. People who sketch, are in a sense doing what I wish I could do better: absorb a work of art. If people can’t do that, it may as well not be on display. I usually take photos where permitted, and while the act doesn’t fix the object in my mind as well as sketching probably would, I find that it helps me remember the artwork better. I suspect this is a big part of why I usually find so much contemporary art forgettable; I’m typically not allowed to take pictures of it.


In a way, it’s always been an investment tool. Rich people spending money to be patrons of soon-to-be-famous artists. People making cave art in the hope their children’s children will see it and know they were there and what their lives were like. Voices crying out from a never-quite-forgotten past to the ever-present-now.

Now the gatekeepers are telling us “the only thing that matters is the money. You paying it to us. A la carte life.” (I’m not disagreeing with you.)

They mime being on a rotating display. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:smiley: I was pretty happy with it lol. But yes, this no sketching/picture thing is very short sighted and i keep getting “thought police” vibes from crap like this. We can only consume and experience things how they say we should, everything else not explicitly approved is forbidden.


It depends on how well you seal the edges of that glass box.


It also depends on whether, like a traditional mimed- glass box, the box then starts shrinking (and at what point it stops shrinking*).


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