Queen's chemistry and Freddy Mercury's indefatigable work ethic




I would like to suggest the term “work ethic” be removed. It would appear that Freddy M and Queen worked hard because of their love of the product, while “work ethic” suggest, to me at least, a sort of Arbeit Macht Frei thing that corporate sociopaths apply to their employees.



Ah. So it’s true! Vodka is the breakfast of Champions!


Work ethic per se is a value-free term and good work ethic is i.m.o. exactly what you suggest, namely the willingness to work hard to produce something worthwhile.


In Gaiman & Pratchett’s Good Omens, there’s a running gag where any cassette tape left in a car for more than 48 hours magically turns into Queen’s Greatest Hits.

Now that’s a work ethic!


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