Queens of the Stone Age cover Romeo Void's Never Say Never

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If you’re really that strapped for new rock band action, The Black Tones are completely bonkers and wonderful. Also, frontlady Eva Walker is easily the most fun DJ I’ve ever heard. I love you KEXP Seattle.


I think I am on to you, Mr. Nealy.

Post about a lack of music in a genre, certain group is best in genre, certain band is creating a certain genre that it isn’t - then sit back and let the engagement roll in with people scoffing, “What about ttthhiiiiissssssss?” “What are you taking about?” “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”


There are worse things to engage with than art, so I’m here for it.

QOTSA has made some great music over the years, but their highest watermark, Songs for the Deaf, came early. “Hangin’ Tree” from that record is immaculate, imo.


Decent cover, but I really missed Debora’s sneering vocals. They’re what made the original for me.


Whatever do you mean?

I’m just a humble bird lawyer looking to practice bird law. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nah, truthfully this is just how my brain works. Lol

I love art and I make hot takes. Plus, you guys always give me tons of dope music references. Win, win.


I love that album, but I really DIG Like Clockwork.

In my eyes, that’s their masterwork.


Right? I love that song, and she’s an essential part of it!

(Song starts at about 1 minute.)


Serious flashbacks to my 16th birthday when I was given this song on cd (from the “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” single) by the person working at Hot Topic. It was my first exposure to QotSA and w/ “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” being more novelty than song, it would take a couple years for me to become a full-fledged fan. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia.


Villains is a bit more commercially tilted (the way Songs for the Deaf is IMO), but I thoroughly enjoy it.

And hey, if you’re diggin’ QotSA, you might consider checking out Eagles of Death Metal, if you haven’t already.


I love the Eagles of Death Metal.

They’re really rollin’. They’re Solid Gold.

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Queens of the Stone Age are probably my favourite band, well, definitely right up there.
So! Spotify is awesome for finding new and other related bits. Built a bit of a collecting list of things, with some artists getting proper exploration. Some real good ones, especially if you dig QotSA.

I humbly present, Shiny Finds

Also, just to highlight kickass lady music, this one, Femme.

Might I sing the praises of Radkey?:

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It’s getting harder to find modern rock bands lately. I’m not talking about indie bands that play guitar or pop acts (like Imagine Dragons) which classify themselves as a rock band. I’m talking about bona-fide, hard-rocking bands

My default answer here is - Gov’t Mule. Then also Tedeschi Trucks Band (not a hard rock band, but, still), then just spend some time poking around in the “jam band” genre over on nugs dot net.
They are the people who are touring and rocking constantly. But also, QOTSA are pretty bad ass.
The Mule video below is the whole show, but I queued it up to one of my favorites.
Also note how quiet the crowd is when the band is playing. No goddamned chompers yapping.

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I’m old. I’m out-of-touch with the pulse of young America. but these groups are fairly current and the members are youthful. they’re newer than govt mule and tedeski trucks, that’s for sure

RFTC are my age but were one of the best to ever do it imo

The kids are alright.

I don’t know. It loses all bite with a cisgender het white dude covering it. The original is far better…


Nice use of kazoos. Today’s music needs more kazoo. Kazoos Rock!

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