? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


have i mentioned that a few years ago i used some dark chocolate i had tempered to cover some very crispy fried, applewood smoked bacon as part of a christmas present for each of the teachers on my team along with the front office staff? would anyone be interested in knowing what else i included in the decorative tins we picked up in cairns, australia embossed with the texture of the image of the great barrier reef?


Wouldn’t I be ignorant of the ratio of bacon in their bacon bar, since anything over 0% is too much for me, and aren’t I wondering what a Berghoff ROOT beer tastes like?


Well, isn’t the answer “Of course” and “Yes, please, do tell us”?


do you know how easy it is, given a candy thermometer and a stand mixer, to make marshmallows? would it be a surprise, then, that i also included some vanilla bean, maraschino cherry, and peppermint stick marshmallows with the chocolate covered bacon? does anyone like pistachio brittle? how about white pepper caramels with black sea salt? could i tell you some stories about learning to use a candy thermometer and heat to modify sugar?


Wouldn’t these examples be better explained in the cooking (not just dinner) thread?


in what way do gifts of homemade candy need to be explained?


Wouldn’t the recipes be welcomed?


does it matter if i only have time to put one recipe at a time up between preparations for christmas dinner at my house with my family?


Much like studying for exams or practising CPR, don’t all the silly complications of life evaporate like the spectres of some tawdry fever-dream if one but only follows the example, forever set in stone as the primary precedent for holiday-present purchasing, of winging it in the very last moment?


Isn’t it not-quite-the-last-moment for us over here across the pond? Don’t we get a few more hours? But aren’t I wracking the ol’ brain for some gift to bring to the hostess of the dinner tomorrow?


While I’m very interested in getting details of the white pepper caramels with black sea salt, won’t I not have the time to try making any until after New Year’s anyway? Don’t I hope you’ll spend your time with family now, and catch up with a recipe for us, perhaps, later on?


Why are people upset about the mixed-race relationship (and, according to some lunatics, paedophilia?) and not that he’s holding the damn box the wrong way around?


Aren’t those precariously balanced candles an insurer’s nightmare?


Jesus proposing while wearing that outfit? Isn’t that the real crime here?


Does everyone here know that I wish them all a glorious happy holidays and only the best wishes for the new year? I’m on vacation and less likely to check in as often, can you all watch out for yourselves while I’m gone? :smiley:


Isn’t anybody upset that she’s in her jammies by the bed, obviously implying pre-marital relations? Or just sartorial bad taste?


Off to Iowa City for the holidays?


there are post marital relations?


No, doesn’t everyone know I end up in the Boston area for ten days? It’s a crazy drive, right?


Doesn’t that depend on where you’re driving from?