Questions before i look for Parts Machines

just a bit of a question for the general audience. Is there any point in trying to find computers/desktops that’ve been thrown out to see if parts can be scavenged? My current desktop is a 2007 core duo. So basically either hope to find a better psu (seriously 300 watts isn’t cutting it, and i think the one in that one is under-performing) and or just to have a few spare fans.

So it’s as 'can i get parts boxes for the cost of getting it off people’s hands, and 'what do i do with the bits i don’t want to keep since storage space is an issue.

I mean i could ebay because there are a few things I’d like to have spares of (fans, PSU, spare cabling is always good.) However this is as much ‘see if I can learn a thing or three while maybe slightly upgrading what i have on a literal shoestring budget’ as anything else. I don’t know what i"m looking for and while ebay is good, shipping costs… Or maybe i really don’t have a good grasp of money. I’m just concerned I’d get family help on this and realize that there’s a rather good reason people throw hardware out and end up with a bunch of paperweights that don’t have anything worth pulling.

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My advice is do not, under any circumstances, start collecting ‘fixer-upper’ PCs and parts. That way madness lies. You’ll never be able to throw a piece of wire away again, I’m telling you.


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