Slightly damaged gaming PC yours for $800


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You got that safe open, then?


A P4! Teh awesum!

Looks like an old 5.25" hard-drive in the top bay too, “Bigger is better!”


Man you could really rock Warcraft on that. (the first one)


“Last Chance to save 50% on this Ultra Settings Gaming PC!” I think the BB Store is missing a big opportunity :wink:

Where did you find this Rob? Was Cesar Millan working with a dog that sets computers on fire?


They’re selling it wrong.

The “fire damage” is a custom chassis mod. Impress your hardcore nerd friends with this Salvador Dali-inspired “melting computer case” mod!


Will take three, why mess around!


Imagine a Beowulf cluster of them!


Likely to have compromised reliability. The thermal damage is just cosmetic, the smoke particulates settled in are worse; they can have quite a lot of corrosive materials in them - carboxylic acids, amines (copper alloys hate those), hydrochloric acid, maybe hydrofluoric one too if fluoropolymers or fluorinated firefighting agents were burnt, and more.

Beware of smoke damage on electronics.

That said, it may not be that bad depending on the environment, but something to watch for if you need high reliability.


Reminds me of the PC I salvaged from the garbage about 8 years ago. The case looked like it had been hit with a sledgehammer, but the components inside were all in perfect working order, so I junked the case and sold the guts on Ebay.

But that was with nice clean components, no smoke or fire damage. Somehow I doubt I’d get as much for the components in this PC.

And the asking price, ye gods $800? Utterly delusional. My take from that garbage salvage PC was i forget, maybe $60? Which is what the guts of this fire gutted PC would be worth, at most, if they weren’t half melted and reeking of house fire. When oh when will the vast majority of non-technical PC owners realize that it doesn’t matter how expensive the damn thing was when you bought it new, it is now worth, at the very most, a couple hundred bucks, and most of that value is because it has a valid WIndows sticker on its bottom.


[quote]Intel Pentium 4 CPU

GeForce 8800GT Graphics


200W PSU[/quote]

In what year was this beige monstrosity a great gaming computer? The picture in the ad has been on the net since at least 2008, which is also when the GeForce 8800GT card was a thing. Is this a revival of an old ad or a new hoax version made with some random photo of the internet?


Same should apply to accountants - the $100,000 PC/AT really doesn’t have anywhere near the accounting-rules-of-asset-depreciation value now.


$800 can buy you a lot of computer these days.


Overclocking gone wrong?



If your overclocking melts your keyboard, you might just have miscalculated by an order of magnitude…


Complete with water-cooled processor!


Wrong group of firefighters.


Four! I mean five! I mean fire!

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