? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


Holy crap, isn’t that Queen of Versailles documentary fascinating/horrifying?


Doesn’t everybody have that much dog poop lying about the house?


Doesn’t everyone take a limo to pick up garbage at McDonald’s?


Holy flurking schnitt, don’t I need help picking my jaw up off the floor now that I’ve finished watching it?


Hey - spoilers?


Is it girly of me to be totally in love with the anime Flying Witch?

:sparkle: The Pretty Things Are Going to Heaven :sparkle:

Is there a problem with girly? Why do people have to hate on girly things, as if they are inferior somehow?


I don’t have a problem with it and who brought up the hate? Didn’t I learn about the show listening to the current GME Anime Funtime podcast which is hosted by 2 guys this week? Didn’t I look it up after they both gave it good recommendations?
The show is amazing and wants to make me go squee like a 12 year old girl at the sweetness of it so does that make me girly? (Again not that I think that is wrong, I think more men should happily admit that kind of thing)


Did I mention YOU hatin’? Wasn’t I asking why girly would be perceived as a problem, generally speaking, and then wonder why, in a much more general fashion, some hate on things that are perceived as “too girly”?

But doesn’t that anime sound totes adorable?


Can I say that is a quite correct? Would you like to WATCH IT RIGHT NOW?
(you totally should)


Isn’t it messed up that it’s OK for women to like blokey things but not the other way round? And why aren’t there more cultural things that are just unashamedly nice? It’s as if types of behaviour more often associated with women are seen as somehow lesser, yeah?

Grrr, this is totally the wrong format for this sort of discussion and I’m go start a thread where I don’t feel like I’m being fricking interrogated while I’m trying to talk and in return talking down to people, k?


Doesn’t that just suck? And isn’t trying to carry on the discussion this way half the fun of this game? Even if it can be frustrating at times?


Thanks for the mandrake root, I guess?


Wasn’t that my point? Aren’t I glad you got it?

Won’t you please?


I just don’t think I’m very good at it, that’s all.



Yeah, we’ve had this discussion before, haven’t we? Won’t I try to do better? You’re in Hawaii, right? What do you consider an adequate time for spoilage? And who are you rooting for/a fan of?


Yeah, why did I wait until after football before I started that field of barley? But isn’t it done, and don’t I have a couple of hundred pounds of it now?


Erm, that’s apparent, isn’t it? Doesn’t it look like @Mindysan33 is happily taking you to task?


I usually watch games in the evening my time, through the miracle of time delay. Sometimes I’ll stretch the weekend’s matches out through the week, but I can’t really expect anyone to honor that! OTOH, writing “So he and I ate sausage biscuits and watched ManU whup Bournemouth as the sun came up here” is not that much more meaningful than “watched ManU play Bournemouth” or “watched ManU play Bournemouth”.

In my heart I’m a Hull fan, though they’re going to be even more painful to watch this year than 2 years ago, and I usually try to watch the Spurs. It was fun watching Mourinho lose last year, so I’ll probably also be keeping an eye on Man United and hoping for the worst.