Quinn Norton on sexual assault, community response, and restorative justice

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From Scoble’s word-salad of an apology…

Particularly when investors and lawyers are forcing you to do unnatural acts. I never like being forced to be silent, and the past few months have been very uncomfortable for me, and still are.


Since the lawsuit broke I have been in a listening mode and probably will forever remain in such a role (the things I’ve heard since about how women are treated in this industry have made me feel deep pain and shame).

It’s you, you twit! You didn’t just hear about it, you fucking did it!

To those I have hurt, I’m sorry, no matter how minor the sin.

He just couldn’t resist tossing that qualifier in there, could he? Are these twerps constitutionally incapable of not minimizing their own bad behavior?


Thank you. Clicked through & read the whole article on Medium. Well worth it. It seems to me this is the discussion we need to be having about abuse of all kinds, by all genders, in all fields.


The sad thing is that this is one of the less awful apologies one of these fuckers has issued, and it’s still for shit. Why? Because they’re not sorry they did it. They’re sorry they got caught and called out. Notice he still plans on carrying on with business as usual with investors.


I have no sympathy for people who have a history of harassment and abuse of women, and those that go as far as to assault or rape someone. Sure i think they should seek help and reform themselves, but i would never trust that person again.


This is an important article that brings a fresh view to an ugly topic.

Thank you @doctorow for sharing this.

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That’s the difficulty with restorative justice and sexual assault. The abuser has to be fully complicit as well as honest and remorseful. Unfortunately, people who hurt others in this way often don’t have access to the empathy required in order to do that, or they wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

I think most people would rather forget it and move on than do the work of understanding why they treat other people badly.

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I agree. And it’s exactly because these predators spend their whole lives avoiding doing that work or changing their behavior that society winds up host of an infestation of middle-aged sexual predators with less emotional maturity than most prepubescent boys.

Enabling that is the Not My Problem pandemic that has replaced the moral compass in the modern Western world. Most individuals think they’re an island and shirk responsibility for addressing the evils surrounding them. Then they express incredulity when the evil is brought to light because the survivors who didn’t have the option of ignoring it had to stand up for themselves when no one else would. It’s like walking past a mugging and putting your head down instead of calling 911 and telling the mugger the police are on the way, then later on, when the mugging is in the news, letting everyone on Twitter know how you’re shocked, shocked I tell ya’ that muggings are going on.

So we’ve got celebrities and industry leaders who are all too happy to be spokesmodels for causes that cost them nothing and benefit them enormously in PR, but won’t lift a pinky to stop the abusers among their own peers from leaving a trail of victims who are then forced to chose between silence and standing up for themselves at the cost of their careers, livelihoods and often safety.


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