Quirky holiday-themed award ribbons for grownups

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Hmm. Made a list but its early… just noticing you were looking for holiday themed ones specifically. Will have to think on it.

  • Ugliest Sweater
  • 2nd or 3rd place ribbon for: Best Behaved
  • Santa’s Helper or Santa’s Elf
  • Bah Humbug
  • I’d love a Krampus themed one. Maybe something like I Survived Krampus

These are great! I was actually looking for non-holiday ones. There’s not time to make additional holiday ones for this year. I will definitely do a Krampus one next year though!

Non-holiday ones:

  • Award For Not Being An A-hole Today
  • Made That Phone Call
    -Took Out The Trash. Or alternatively: Cleaned The Litterbox
  • Gave a Fuck. Or alternative: Out of Fucks. 3rd alternative: Just the word “Fuck” or with the word with the crossed out red circle

(If i were to get a ribbon i’d get the Out of Fucks, or variation thereof lol)


Haha, fantastic. I want to do a bunch for introverts and also work at home types. “Made that phone call” would definitely fit!

Omg i hate calling people so that would legit be for me lol.

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Oh I’m with you on that! I find when I’m coming up with things to put on the ribbons it feels like a form of therapy… I think of ones that I would want to receive.

“Took out the trash” would be a great one for a recent divorcee.

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Anything for introverts would be for me. Stuff like: Socialized Today or Didn’t Cancel Those Plans. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup! I can think of a few for that. Gotta put all this self-awareness to good use. :slight_smile:

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