Quiz: could you have adult ADHD?


Lost track halfway through.


I thought I had a bad attention span when I was 12. My mother pointed out that when I was actually interested in something I would fix my attention on it for hours at a time. I feel like this test was missing the question, “Is almost everything you find yourself having to do really, really boring?”


That website makes Ghostery go crazy.I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad for you, just that answering demographic-type questions on a site as heavily monitored as that one is might not be in your best interests.


Mine says “you do not likely currently suffer from an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.” Does that mean I’m a carrier?


I really like the overly active, compelled, driven by a motor question…

Hell no, I can futz the whole day away doing nothing, am I’m damn good at it.


I see I am only 30 minutes too late. Stupid lunch, making me miss comedic entrances.


If you were ADHD that would be hyperfocus, common characteristic.

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21 trackers, and if I don’t stop Ghostery blocking them, the test doesn’t even show up.


Oooh! Maybe I have ADHD after all.

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tl ; dr


Yeah, the common conception about ADHD-probably guided by the name, which suggests merely a ‘deficit’ of attention, is wrong. People with ADHD (such as myself) have an underpowered ability to switch their focus from task to task, which can seem to outsiders like a lack of focus, but usually it manifests as focus on the ‘wrong things’ (where the ‘right things’ are usually fictitious goals produced by a highly rigid, results-based society), or getting confused when focus has to rapidly be changed without advance warning (such as sudden, unscheduled events that are out of routine).

Disclaimer: Not a doctor.


Worked fine for me – the only item from the Ghostery list that I have whitelisted is Google Analytics

Also got a 5… no surprise – my wife’s psychiatrist friend diagnosed me years ago. Dr Nora prescribed lots-o-espresso…

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It’s clear I have a problem, and it’s clear with the right Pharma (as discussed between me and my doctor) is the solution.

Seriously, I have trouble starting tasks that require lots of organization AND thought because tasks that require lots of organization AND thought require lots of organization AND – did I mention ? – thought by definition. And those take time to think through and organize. You mean some people approach a complicated task and just do it straightaway without stumbling through the organization and thought part? Maybe not so complicated a task, jus’ sayin.

But hell, I’m always up for tinkering with my brain chemistry. Watcha got this time? Build up some synaptic serotonin levels? Increase dopamine, decrease epinephrine, tweak the cortisol, agonize some beta receptor? Or how bout some kind of hydro-morphone relax-o feel good slow release cures-what-ails-ya tonic?

The disorder is a problem with consciously managing attention. Hyperfocus is as much a marker for ADD as the inability to focus, as is the inability to choose to NOT think about something.

What changes it from just being interested in a bunch of different things to a disorder that requires treatment is when you find other stimulus so distracting that you are regularly unable to choose to focus on an important task or subject.

Like most of these, it is a continuum, and it is not always easy to say when something goes from personality trait to actual disorder. Mark is clearly on the spectrum, but appears ( given his continued accomplishments ) to be able to it well without the aid of a psychiatrist. I would imagine most of the boingers, given their career choices, are the same.

Most psychiatric issues exist on a continuum like that, and it isn’t always easy to tell when something goes from bad habit/personality trait to a pathology… and even when you reach the point where it is pathological, it’s not always easy to tell when therapy is sufficient vs. where medication is warranted.

I suffered with an anxiety disorder for years, until I finally found a psychiatrist I adore. After working with her for a while and consulting with my therapist, she suggested I try an ADD med - and it was literally miraculous. All the ways of coping with anxiety and fearI learned in years of CBT ( cognitive behavioral therapy- get your mind out of the gutter ) started working, literally overnight.

I now take nothing but an ADD med a few days a week, and I am happier than I ever was on much stronger drugs, but I did need treatment to get me there.


What sonjade said. And if you have a modified hosts file (to eliminate ads, banners, web bugs, hijacks, etc), you also don’t see it.

What’s the point of a diagnosis if it doesn’t come with a sales pitch?


This appears to answer the question I was about to ask of @rossleonardy above: would an inability to cease thinking about things that are disturbing you also by an ADD symptom?

I’ve known for years that other people seem to be able to stop thinking about things in a way that I can’t seem to do. Anyway, I have medical professionals to talk to about it, so I guess I’ll ask them what they think.

I scored a 4+ which is right about where aWsC zx

Hey there’s a dog outside my window

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