Qutebrowser: a keyboard-based web browser for the no-clicks clique

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It’s got a key map only a programmer could love.


The hit a hint extension for Firefox does the same thing if you can’t be arsed to reach for the mouse.

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Man, couple that with a tiling window manager like Xmonad and you’d be good to go! You wouldn’t even need to have a mouse.

I used to have a similar setup with ratpoison (which I still use, never got the hang of its “sequal”, stumpwm) and rotated through the various extensions/browsers that inspired qutebrowser, but none of them could really keep up with the development of mainstream browsers, so tended to become unstable (extensions not keeping up with browser API changes) or missing near-critical features (browsers not having full plugin/scripting/extension-feature support); I ended up basically having to choose between keyboard-centric features or standard web browser features, so I eventually switched back to vanilla Firefox and Chrome.

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Well, in a weird sort of way, that was a terrible experience

This sounds tempting, but the only thing keeping my cat from messing up my web surfing is that she cannot use a trackpad mouse. I still haven’t figured out how she launches five programs by rapidly stepping on the keyboard in three places…:smirk_cat:


Looks a lot like how Vimium works.

Awesome WM is probably the “best” tiling manager, but it’s configuration is arcane (and in LUA script), so these days when I boot up into a tiling manager I use i3, which is less configurable but much more straight-forward.

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