Kwumsy, a keyboard with a built-in display for your computer

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… so, a “laptop” then :confused:

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Don’t knock a radical new concept until you’ve tried it! This could be the disruptive game changer the IT industry has been waiting for!


I’m on my phone.

I saw this post, scrolled the comments tapped on the article and then within a couple seconds, if that, I switched to my Facebook app, the very first ad at the top of my feed was for a mechanical keyboard with a screen and a dock for a phone.

That is bonkers how fast those magical algorithms work.

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I think the catnip here is “mechanical keyboard”.

It wasn’t until my mum wanted a Bluetooth keyboard for her tablet and said she preferred “those clicky buttons” that I started searching for that term and found a full-on nerd subculture. I had no idea - there are literally tribes of people talking about how they would die for various tactile standards; people selling programable LED schemes (why??); size, language, layout preferences for specific games being played, custom key designs and pimping - its just nuts!

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I got this from a former employers office, when they closed it a year ago, the guy who made it had a nice collection, and it was for the release of a game…


Looks like this when it’s on:




Jake is so on point…

This device would be perfect for sys admins - I’m sure I’ve seen similar previously, instant KVM for the racks room. Just plug in to the server in question without needing a crash cart.


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