Is this the perfect mechanical keyboard?

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Is that a two-storey Enter key?

someone vision GIF

Beautiful website too! Looks like it can’t be ordered yet. Tempting, I’m not gonna lie. I really like it.


As prescribed by scripture.


No option for numpad & cursor keys loses me. My fingers gotta 10-key. My desk isn’t tiny so I prefer ergonomics over minimalism.

Super looking design for others though! Different strokes.


Say what now?

I do like the extra-large “section” symbol (§ or alt-0167) left of the 1. Law clerks will love it.

and what up with that backslash on the home row?

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No, it isn’t.

I can live with the knob, but feel like it clashes w/ the design aesthetic. For a couch keyboard use on the Mac Mini hooked up to the TV, the Altair I would be perfect with quiet switches, but I’ve been 10-Key by touch since high school, and need at least 104 keys and that num pad on the right for work. ^_____^

Looks really nice, too bad it’s not available yet because I am looking for a new keyboard now.

Let me know when it’s available with lighted keys.

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