Hark! The perfect mechanical keyboard

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This triggers some serious ASMR in me.


Too damn noisy.

10keyless? Throw that in the trash. Jk.



Buy why is the shift key upside down!?!


It sounds like pieces of solid plastic smacking together. Like dice or something. It doesn’t sound right or even good to me. Come to think of it, this actually makes me feel uncomfortable because it vaguely sounds like the clacking of a bunch of false teeth.

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Hey, just what planet are you from?

What chords hide backspace and return?

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Yikes - one of the main reasons I prefer MX Browns over Blues is the lower noise. This set of key mods sounds like they make the keys very crisp, at the cost of being so much louder than a Brown should be. Not a fan.

Am I the only one whose wishlist for split/mechanical/custom keyboards includes /more keys/?


What’s the appeal of mechanical keyboards? I’ve got a vague case of misophonia and find them kind of irritating.

“I’ll tell you later.”

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Soild keystrokes, and multiple forms of feedback I guess…


Mine has pretty lights on it.

A lot of folks (myself included) find them easier to type on, they irritate my wrists less as well.

If you type for a living, the micro optimisation is potentially worth it.


I think the keys feel nicer. I use linear switches which don’t “snap” down, but of course it’s still a lot louder than a laptop-style keyboard. There are ways to make them quieter, but I don’t mind the sound.

I also like the more compact layout (a Royal Kludge RK71); most “normal” keyboards stick out a lot on the right side, which means that I have to twist my right arm to use the mouse. Since I work with computers, this becomes painful after a while.

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Tactile - especially for the clicky types like Cherry MX Blue or the good old IBM or Unicomp Model M. Clicky keyboards with actual key travel and dished key tops are a dream to type on. I could be biased, since I learned to type on a Selectric.

For me, the clicky part is less important than the key travel and key tops. I absolutely loathe the flat-topped chiclet keys that have become so fashionable.

Hiragana keys. I have to assume someone loved the sound more than the utility. —sigh…

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