The best non-mechanical keyboard now comes in a mini tenkeyless model—and in pink

Originally published at: The best non-mechanical keyboard now comes in a mini tenkeyless model—and in pink | Boing Boing

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How is it not “mechanical”? Are you saying the keys don’t move?

Meaning it’s typically a domed silicone membrane that collapses and makes contact with traces on a circuit board vs. discrete switches with metal buckle providing a tactile or audible click when the contacts close, or linear switch that closes when the keystroke hits bottom. Membranes provide some tactile feedback as the dome collapses but isn’t nearly as consistent or precise as mechanical – imagine putting a thick pillow over the accelerator and brake pedals in your car.

You can get mechanical keyboards in dozens of different activation pressures and tactile responses to match your preference. Practically all of them will feel better than a membrane keyboard.

I’ve had my MX for 3 years now (the past 1.5 getting a workout 10 hrs/day WFH), and I really love it. I was formerly not a chicklet key fan (Lenovo L420, ptooey) but this has just enough width, travel, and indent to feel really natural and fast. I’ve got the full sized version, and need it for 10-key accounting work.

The weight/solidity of this thing is also superb; it does not rattle, jump, or budge, no matter how mad I am when I type. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Every so often I do get a sticky key, but a few smacks usually sets it right. I haven’t done any research on how to address that properly. It doesn’t help that I eat lunch at my (home) desk, juuuust like I used to in the office, sigh. Probably granola bar crumbs.

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